Solskjaer coach said MU’s dressing room like … funeral home

Man United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer revealed that the Red Devils were unhappy after their unconvincing victory over Watford.

Man United have just won 2-1 against Watford in the last round. However, the experts assessed, this is a less convincing win because the Reds play somewhat superficial and lifeless.

In an interview after the match, M.U coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer revealed that it was his players who were also unhappy with their performance. At the same time, the Norwegian teacher also expressed his hope that he could bring the Old Trafford team to the top of the season.

“Today, we won in a game to play under. This is a match against an extremely annoying team and we have to recognize the power of Watford.

The players are also aware of what they have done in the game. They were disappointed and turned a sad changing room like a funeral: silent, quiet and quite heavy. Even so, I feel satisfied with their honest attitude.

The season has not ended with Manchester United. We still need to win for the goal of obtaining a higher position. If there is an extra 15 points, the team will be able to be assured of a place in the Top 3, “Solskjaer said.

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