Roy Keane exposed Pogba’s weak personality and M.U juniors

Roy Keane may be a contradictory, clumsy, violent, ugly legend but in the eyes of Man United fans, he is better than the junior class now. At least, Keane always says things that he thinks.

It was too straightforward, Keane was dismissed by Sir Alex from Old Trafford in the summer of 2005. But fans M.U always considered Keane a true man, daring to defend his thesis. Even if he had a quarrel with Sir Alex, it was still two adult men arguing, Keane had never been ashamed of it.

It is this personality that makes Keane great even though her talent is not outstanding temporarily. For a long time, fans of M.U regarded him as a role model for the captain, the way of a player with the Red Devils.

So few people will oppose Keane when he comments on Pogba after the defeat at the Manchester derby: “I don’t believe a word he said. It doesn’t make any sense. I don’t even think he believes What I said.

Pogba talks about how to be a good teammate. If you want to be good teammates, you have to run back to join the defense. There was a bit of heat after the match against Everton, I heard they seemed to spray each other’s hair gel. It looks quite stressful.

Pogba is a talented player but we must always talk about his only problem from time to time. Too many times we saw Pogba not bothering to speed up or retreat back to the dispute in the match. Does he talk about body language but is swinging his hands to the sky? Pogba is a big problem for M.U. He always mentioned his attitude and pride, but I didn’t see anything from the performance on the pitch. My eyes don’t lie to me “.

With a little wit, Keane can still satire deeply about the old team. All understood that Keane was not gloating about this, if he didn’t love the old team, there was no need to be so harsh.

Keane’s words sound offensive, it directly affects the top players of the M.U now. But at least, just as Keane shared, he didn’t say things he didn’t believe. Just like that is enough to be an adult, but it seems that the majority of M.U players now can’t do it.

Pogba, Marcus Rashford, Jesse Lingard, Chris Smalling … always talk about “substance M.U”, through powerful speeches, they create images of people who know wrong and correct. And then, from time to time, the most critical fan is always the attitude of competition.

Like a sophisticated project, behind every modern player is a supportive communication system. They were prepared for each bullet, practicing daily to become a talking machine when pressing the button. There is no trace of the message given, except that they never believe in them.

For example. Until the last days before Jose Mourinho left, Pogba still affirmed that the relationship between the two men had no problem. Until the official “Special One” was fired, Pogba celebrated with joy in front of his comrades.

Perhaps fans M.U are not angry because Pogba contradicts Mourinho, they only despise those who do not value their statements. Everything is perfectly concealed in a professional player enclosure with a high-level industrial PR model.

Up to now, with the bad situation of M.U, Pogba’s postings and social network teammates still appear in turn with full of inspirational content. “Likes”, “drop hearts” are the opposite way of interacting with fans, making everything look like a mischievous picture of a landfill known as M.U. Where can the Reds go with acquaintances who lie? Probably the Europa League.

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