Messi can break the curse?

Lionel Messi is considered a player to challenge every limit in football. However, his mission tonight is to overcome a pretty limit … stumble: Score in a Champions League quarter-final. If Messi is stunned, the risk of Barca being eliminated is huge.

Messi is leading the list in the Champions League in 2018/19 with 8 goals, and has won the top scorer in this tournament five times. Perhaps we don’t need to talk much about the great level of M10 anymore.

However, it is surprising to know, Messi has experienced 12 consecutive Champions League quarter-finals. The goal that he scored for Barca in the quarter-finals with PSG on April 12, 2013 is the same phase in the latest quarter-finals of M10. Since then 6 years have passed, Messi kept on the quarterfinals.

The most frightening thing is that during the five Champions League seasons, Messi failed to score in the quarterfinals, with up to four seasons of Barca also stopping at this threshold. Let’s take a quick look through those seasons.

In the 2013/14 season, Messi was silent at Atletico in the quarterfinals. Barca eliminated. In the 2014/15 season, M10 continued to be stunned, but luckily he was still able to contribute an assist line in the first leg with PSG. Barca went on and then won the championship. By the 2015/16 season, Barca met Atletico again in the quarterfinals, Messi was silent and his team was eliminated.

In the two seasons 2016/17 and 2017/18, Barca met Juventus and Roma respectively in the quarterfinals. Messi did not score, did not create, indirectly caused the host Nou Camp to stop. So in all the quarter-finals that Messi did not print the shoe on any goal during the past five years, his Barca were eliminated. Therefore, cules are waiting for Messi to win the quarter-final match in the match against Man United tonight.

However, Messi does not seem easy to resolve at all. Just take the first leg with Man United and contemplate. M10 is always Barca’s biggest star in the Champions League this season, regardless of whether to score or not. Song before Man United in the first leg, Messi almost sinked.

In the whole game, he only made one goal right, too low compared to the average 6 times per game in previous games. It was also a match where Messi only passed exactly 82%, much lower than his 89% average this season. As a shadow expert, but in the first leg with the Reds, M10 only had 2 successful passes.

All of these indicators prove Messi is truly obsessed with the quarterfinal curse. With Barca’s disqualification rate over the past five years whenever Messi failed to score or create the quarter-finals in absolute numbers, Man United must be planning to keep Messi quiet tonight and wait for the The match of the Argentine superstar spoke up.

Not final, M.U is not afraid of Messi

With 22 goals scored in the net of English clubs, Messi is the scariest nightmare of the Premier League, except Man United. Because of the fact, in those 22 goals, M10 only broke the Reds twice and both goals were recorded in the finals. That means, Messi has never scored against MU on the Nou Camp.

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