Liverpool lost money because they eliminated Barca from the Champions League

Sounds like a joke but turns out to be real. Because if Barcelona reach the Champions League final and the championship, Liverpool will receive 5.23 million euros as part of a deal in the contract to sell Philippe Coutinho.

On 8/5 last, Liverpool has reduced Barca 4-0 in the Champions League semi-final match to create a swim upstream of the earthquake. This trophy helps The Kop for the second year in a row in the final, and their opponents will be the familiar name of Tottenham – the team that has overtaken Ajax with an upstream history.

However, the elimination of Barca will make Liverpool lose 5.23 million euros. This is the money that the “Red Brigade” has incorporated into the contract clause when selling Coutinho to Barca in January 2018 market. Accordingly, the agreement clearly states if Barca is crowned Champions League 2018/19 with Coutinho, the defending champion La Liga will have to pay Liverpool the above amount.

However, Liverpool certainly has nothing to be upset about this, because playing in the Champions League final has earned them 15 million euros in prize money. If the champion, The Kop will pocket another 4 million euros – a number too attractive. Liverpool apparently released the iron hunter to catch the perch.

It should be added that since joining Barca, Coutinho has never shown top performance. Up to now, the Brazilian midfielder has scored 21 goals after 74 appearances for Barca for a year and a half present at the Nou Camp. Do not rule out the possibility that Coutinho will be sold off by Barca this Summer to get a budget to recruit players more suitable.

‘De Gea can play for Barca or Man City’

That is a comment from former Manchester United goalkeeper coach Frans Hoek when he greatly appreciated the ability of David De Gea to use his feet.

De Gea is going through a very difficult time at M.U when he keeps making mistakes in recent matches, thereby indirectly causing the Red Devils to receive bad results. The decline in form and the Reds could not win the Champions League next season making the future of former goalkeeper Atletico Madrid at Old Trafford more obscure than ever.

At this time, De Gea was only tied to M.U until Summer to the year but did not agree to extend the contract. PSG is ready to welcome De Gea with a generous salary like this goalkeeper wants. In the past, Hoek once had time to guide De Gea when collaborating with coach Louis van Gaal. Hoek himself knows very well the ability of the Spanish player, and he believes the former pupil is capable of playing a key role in a top club.

“I have been working with De Gea for 2 years at Manchester United and I have to say that he is really at a high level. It is not easy to play 3 games a week in England and still be able to maintain the peak. That’s why it’s so strange to see him make mistakes at the national team level, De Gea can play for Barcelona or Man City because he has the ability to use his legs very well, ”Hoek said. .

However, neither Barca nor Man City currently need additional goalkeeper. As for Barca, they own an excellent Marc-Andre ter Stegen in the wood frame, while City also have a solid Ederson.

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