Klopp closed the ‘legendary stumbling block’, aiming to win 97 points

While Juergen Klopp (Liverpool) is proud of his three points and defending Andy Robertson’s slip, Maurizio Sarri thinks Chelsea lose because of bad luck.

In the 34th round of the Premier League, Liverpool won 2-0 against Chelsea thanks to goals from Sadio Mane (51 ‘) and Mohamed Salah (53’). This victory allowed Liverpool to lead the English Premier League 2018/19 with 85 points. They are 2 points more than champions Manchester City but play more than 1 match.

Speaking of the match, Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp voiced his defense of left-back Andrew Robertson when he had a chance to slip in the second half. of former captain Steven Gerrard in a heroic letter with Chelsea in 2014: “We can close the story of the fall back. Robbo (Andy Robertson) slipped, but nothing happened. Let’s end this!”.

Referring to the remaining journey in the English Premier League this season, the German teacher said: “The biggest challenge for us is to face the outside world, with you and others. We Not interested in City’s results, Liverpool only focused on their game.

Suppose Man City lost today and we know their results before the match with Chelsea, it only makes Liverpool lose focus. What Liverpool wants to do now is to win as many points as possible. Liverpool now has 85 points and 4 more rounds (12 points in full). If we win all, we will have 97 points. So try to get that number.

If that is just enough to be champion, perfect. Otherwise we won’t do anything else. Liverpool at least did not lose the match, here, there or anywhere “.

For our part, Chelsea coach Maurizio Sarri said: “We played a good game against a great opponent. Chelsea have 3 delicious chances, 2 of Hazard and 1 of Higuain, and we have been framed. turned down the 35th goal in this season.

Anyway, the whole team showed the effort. I am glad that. 3 months ago, maybe we won’t be able to withstand these kinds of matches. We are getting better.

The top 4 race will certainly be fierce and Chelsea will have to fight to the end. Other teams will also face difficulties in the last month of the season, “the former Napoli captain stressed.

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