How does MU draw Chelsea to the Top 4 race?

Chelsea are almost certain to win the Champions League 2019/20 if they make more than 1 point against M.U. But the fourth place is still in Chelsea’s hands. As for M.U, the 1-1 draw made the opportunity for them to attend the arena far more and more far away.

With Arsenal unexpectedly defeating 0-3 against host Leicester, Tottenham lost 0-1 to West Ham and M.U were Chelsea held in a 1-1 draw, the distance between these 4 teams is not great.

Ranking in the rankings of the Premier League: Tottenham (3rd – 70 points), Chelsea (4th – 68th), Arsenal (Thursday – 66 points) and M.U (6th – 65th points). Thus, the temporary advantage is inclined to two London teams: Tottenham and Chelsea. But looking at the schedule, it’s hard to say which team is better.

Like Arsenal, they lost in their last three matches in the Premier League against underdogs Crystal Palace, Wolves and Leicester. In the near future Arsenal will only have to meet Brighton and Burnley but alternating between them are two confrontations with Valencia in the Europa League semi-final. Maybe, Unai Emery coach will not do the best to race in the domestic league but focus on winning the Europa League championship. If successful, Arsenal will naturally have a Champions League place next season.

Chelsea was like Arsenal when he played in the Europa League but was more impressive with fourth place in the league. The other two Chelsea rivals are Watford and Leicester – teams that on a beautiful day, they can completely defeat the giants.

Tottenham have the most advantage thanks to being ranked third. However, they still have to strain in the Champions League (see Ajax in the semi-finals). Therefore, there is no guarantee that Tottenham will get 6 points in the remaining two games.

M.U – The team with the least chance of winning the 2019 Champions League is the only one facing the relegated opponent, Huddersfield and the team fighting against relegation is Cardiff. If played properly, the Red Devils can completely win the maximum points and hopefully the opponents on the feet.

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