How does Maradona turn Messi into a king?

In the Champions League semi-final against Liverpool, striker Lionel Messi had a stunning free-kick that gave Barcelona a 3-0 victory. But if there is no Golden Boy Diego Maradona, not sure Messi has become a famous scorer.

Messi’s superior penalty skill is not natural but is the result of hundreds of training hours after each training session and under the influence of Maradona’s predecessors.

According to Coach Athletes Fernando Signorini, Maradona’s assistant when he was Argentina’s coach at the 2010 World Cup final, thanks to Maradona’s professional advice that Messi has developed into an expert of free kick arrangements. .

In his memoir “Call to Rebellion – Awakening:”, Fernando recounted: “In February 2009, just a few months after Maradona took over the position of national coach, Argentina had a friendly match with a local team in Marseille – France.

The team practiced all day before the match and after training, both Javier Mascherano, Carlos Tevez and Messi stayed behind to practice. Messi put the ball down, staring intently at the left side of the goal in the direction of his eyes. When he shot, the ball flew over the bar and Messi was frustrated by his free kick.

After that, Messi walked towards the dressing room. When he passed by, I stopped saying: Hey, give up so early, are you going to take a bath? Don’t be bothered anymore, please stay tuned for more practice. At that moment, Maradona came up, put on Messi’s shoulders and gave useful advice.

‘Hey, boy, don’t hurry up and shoot like that. Slow down, swing your legs slowly because otherwise the ball will not understand where you want it to fly. Let’s calculate the distance, wind power, distance from the fence, distance to the target to give a reasonable force ‘.

Saying that, Maradona holds the ball, puts it on the ground and says where she will shoot. Then he slowly launched a shot, put the ball right to the point he just said – the right corner of the goal – in the astonished, admiring eyes of Messi.

Since that day, Messi complied with the verdict that Maradona had just taught to apply in the free kicking sessions after concentration. This is maintained in every training session of Messi in the national team or Barcelona club “.

In recent years, Barcelona goalkeeper Marc Andre ter Stegen and Jasper Cillessen are Messi’s regular victims. Every day, they were pulled out of the training field Messi Joan Gamper to abuse in the practice of endless training after the practice session.

Messi also shared his fine tip with Marca: “Only practice and practice. Practice many habits and become your own skills.

Up to this point, the goal from Messi’s free-kick into Liverpool is the 8th goal of this football genius in the 2018/19 season, calculated on all fronts. Compared to the top scorers in Europe’s 5 biggest leagues, Messi is the one who scores the most goals.

PSG’s Di Maria came in second with 4 goals, while Schmid (Augsburg), Tello (Real Betis), Milik (Napoli), Maddison (Leicester), Griezmann (ATM), and Depay (Lyon) had 3 shots. Successful penalty.

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