How bad is MU after the disaster loss?

Man United had to go through a nightmare when losing a 0-4 defeat on Everton’s field in the 35th round of the Premier League last night. The statistics below show just how bad the Red Devils’ recent defeat has been.

3. From 1996 to now, the new M.U lost 3 away matches in the English Premier League.

5. With a shot from outside the penalty area to make the score 3-0 in the 56th minute, Everton defender Lucas Digne made David De Gea the fifth goal in the Premier League since the beginning of the year. 2019. None of De Gea’s colleagues conceded more in that way during the same period.

6. Coach Solskjaer’s M.UU lost to the last 6/8 matches.

8. From the beginning of the tournament, De Gea has conceded eight times when being threatened by the opponent from outside the penalty area, which is worse than Alisson (1), Ederson (2) and Hugo Lloris (4) combined.

11. M.U has undergone 11 games without keeping the net clean. The last time they let the same thing happen was more than 20 years ago (1998).

16. After conceding 13 times in the first 17 games led by Solskjaer, the Reds had to receive 16 goals in only their last 8 matches.

0-4. This was the most painful defeat of M.U against Everton since the time when the opponent crushed 0-5 in October 1984. It was the Everton season that won the highest league in England, but lost to M.U in the FA Cup final.

48. M.U had to receive 48 goals in the English Premier League 2018/19. This achievement is only worse than what happened in the 1978/79 season (63 goals lost).

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