Football judges Ajax vs Tottenham, 02:00 on May 9: Amsterdam celebrates

The last time Ajax reached the Champions League final was the 1995/96 season. After 23 years, De Jong and De Ligt’s generation are facing a huge opportunity to reestablish this achievement by leading Tottenham 1-0 at home away. With what has been shown, Ajax deserves to be in Madrid on June 1.

Difficult for … Ajax

In the morning training session, Erik ten Hag coach spent 30 minutes to teach the students. The atmosphere is somewhat tense because of Captain Ajax’s serious attitude. Ten Hag asks the players to forget the 1 goal advantage right away, play as a Champions League final.

Ajax takes all advantages, but Ten Hag understands that the trap is there. This is the first time in the Champions League knockout round this season, Ajax entered the return leg with the advantage of the score. When Real Madrid and Juventus pushed into the wall, the young Dutch players had risen up so there was nothing to lose.

At this time, they are very easy to fall into the subjective mind. The distance of 1 table is equivalent to a moment of distraction. Ten Hag needs to do better psychological work than professional aspect.

The Dutch team also has no advantage over holidays compared to Tottenham. Both sides only had 3 days of nursing from the last weekend’s match. Need to repeat in the semi-final match, the Ajax players are stronger than the opponent thanks to rest for 7 days (Tottenham only 3). Another problem with Ajax is that they play bad at home in the Champions League.

The Dutch team did not win all of their recent 7 home games in the Champions League knockout round with 4 draws of 3 losses. The last victory was 23 years ago (1-0 against Dortmund in the first leg of the 1995/96 season).

It can be said, Ajax took advantage of Tottenham but met difficulties from themselves. It is a psychological, physical and a bad problem at home.

Not easy to overturn

However, whether Tottenham can take advantage of Ajax weaknesses is another matter. Pochettino’s team is in a slump with 5 defeats in the last 6 games. This is exactly the worst time for Spurs since the start of the season.

Importantly, Pochettino will have a headache to find a tactical plan in Amsterdam. If playing stalking in caution, Tottenham must accept Ajax holding the ball actively. And it is very dangerous to allow the Dutch team to play their way. If the attack pressures to find a goal, Tottenham must be strong enough to suppress Ajax as they did in the second half of the first leg. But remember this is Amsterdam and not London.

A distance of 1 goal still preserves hope for the British. They just need to score a goal at the Johan Cruyff Arena to push the Dutch into confusion. But if Tottenham can score 1 goal, then Ajax can do the same or more. Be aware that Ajax’s attack quality is better than Tottenham’s.

Erik ten Hag’s students have scored 165 goals since the start of the season, an unprecedented record in Dutch football history. As a result, Ajax achieved impressive performance of 3 goals / match (165 goals / 55 games). Ajax’s attack options are more varied and flexible than a losing Tottenham Harry Kane.

Tottenham could play a good game to … say goodbye. And Ajax, history is waiting for De Jong generation to write.

Ajax has an affinity with the semi-finals

In the past Ajax had 8 times to reach the Champions League semi-finals / Champions League. As a result, they have 6 times to win the final to win the final ticket. Two defeats of Ajax took place before Benfica in 1979/80 and Juventus in the 1996/97 season.

Coach Erik ten Hag (Ajax): “Tottenham are on the wall. Such teams will be unpredictable. We are not allowed to repeat the difficult situation like the second half of the first leg. ”

Mauricio Pochettino (Tottenham): “I believe Ajax still plays offensive despite having an advantage. And that is the scenario we wait for. The distance of 1 goal is not impossible.


– Ajax: Away from Carel Elting due to injury.
– Tottenham: With Serge Aurier, Harry Kane, Harry Winks due to injury.
– Ajax won 8 lost 2 out of 10 matches in the recent Asian competition.
– Tottenham won 5 draws 1 in 4 out of 10 matches in the recent Asian competition.
– Ajax won 5 out of 5 out of 10 recent home games according to Asian markets.
– Tottenham won 3 draws 1 to lose 6 out of 10 recent away games according to Asian markets.


Tottenham won the first half

In Tottenham’s last 9 matches, there have been 6 games they have not lost in the first 45 minutes. On Ajax, the Dutch team did not lead the opponent in the first half in the last 4/6 matches of the Champions League. It is likely that Ajax will not have the advantage of the score in the first 45 minutes.


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