Compare quality of Barca and Real goods

While Barcelona are full of chances to successfully defend La Liga championship, Real Madrid is disappointing when it is ranked No. 3 in the league. “White vultures” fall into such a sad situation partly because their attacks are inferior to Barca in many ways.

Real only bullied teams outside the top 10

In the Real squad this season, there are only two players who have scored more than 1 goal in 14 encounters with top 10 representatives, striker Karim Benzema (conceding Valencia and Alaves) and Luka Modric midfielder (piercing Real Betis and Sevilla nets). Benzema is currently Real’s top scorer in La Liga 2018/19 with 17 goals, but nine of them were the goals he scored in the bottom seven.

The factor Luis Suarez

Particularly, striker Luis Suarez has 4 times conceded Barca’s main opponents in the race to La Liga championship this season. There was a hat-trick against Real at the El Clasico match at the Nou Camp. The remaining is the score opening table in the Barca match against Atletico 2-0 on April 6 last.

In total, Suarez has had 20 scoring points in La Liga since the start of the season. In the list of players competing for the title of top scorer (pichichi), he is second only to teammate Lionel Messi (33 goals). The destructive power of Barca’s attack is truly remarkable if it is known that the number of goals Messi and Suarez scored is only 2 units lower than what Real’s team can do (55 goals).

Benzema is harmless in great battles

Since the beginning for Real (2009) to date, Benzema has 20 times encounter Barca only in the La Liga arena. In these matches, you only have 6 times to register your name on the scoreboard. Meanwhile, Suarez striker Barca side kicked 10 Super classic matches in La Liga but he had 7 times to penetrate the Real defense.

Compared to Barca, Atletico is also a “tougher” challenge with Benzema. Evidence is the new French striker 3 times scored in the net team of red and white striped shirt. On the other side, Granada is Benzema’s favorite opponent, the player has scored 10 goals in 12 clashes against this team.

Real too depends on Ronaldo

Last season striker Cristiano Ronaldo scored 26 goals for Real in La Liga (8 goals behind Messi). Notably, up to 15 of them were made in matches against teams in the top 10 BXH. When leaving Real to switch to Juve shirt, CR7 contributed 311 goals for Real in La Liga. Of these, 12 goals / 16 games against Atletico and 9 goals / 18 games against Barca. These figures are enough to prove how big Ronaldo left the Bernabeu left a big gap.

Messi just released three opponents

As mentioned above, Barca striker Messi is leading the list of La Liga top scorer this season with 33 goals. He tore the net of most opponents, except for the rare 3 teams Real Sociedad, Athletic Bilbao and Real. With the out-of-place Suarez ranked second in the race to win the pichichi of 13 goals, while La Liga has only 6 rounds to finish, only the unexpected happens Messi will not become “king.” bombing “in the 1st country tournament fighting again.

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