Celebrating a 1-year break, Suarez was cursed by Liverpool fans

With a finishing shot to net Alisson goalkeeper Becker opened a 3-0 victory for Barcelona against Liverpool, striker Luis Suarez of the home team has solved the thirst for goals in the Champions League lasted for more than 1 year.

In the Champions League semi-final match in 2018/19, at the Camp Nou this morning, Suarez cleverly broke the offside trap before breaking through the visitors’ net after a cross from Jordi Alba’s left wing.

According to an analysis of former Arsenal club boss Arsene Wenger, Liverpool midfielder Virgil van Dijk made a mistake in this situation by not following a mischievous player like Suarez.

Notably, before the match, the closest “victim” of the Uruguayan striker in the Champions League was Alisson. Specifically, on April 5, 2018, Alisson as Roma goalkeeper was defeated by Suarez when his team lost to Barca 1-4 at the Nou Camp.

Despite such a heavy defeat, the Italian capital representative eventually won the ticket to the Champions League semi-finals for 2017/18 due to the 3-0 win over Barca. This is just enough for Roma to go on thanks to the away goal law.

Since that time, Suarez has launched 36 new finishes with one more goal in the European arena. Thanks to him, Barca became the second team after Real Madrid to score 500 goals in the Champions League playground.

Glad that he had cut the string of “stunned” matches in the Champions League, Suarez did not hesitate to celebrate the goal against the old Liverpool team, just as he announced before the match. Even so, Suarez’s attitude still makes many Liverpool fans feel frustrated because they still give him so much love.

Sam @ Sam37888340: I really admire Suarez, but I have lost all respect for him after seeing this player’s celebration at the Nou Camp.

Ed @ pedal_pushin_ed: I wonder if any Liverpool supporter will support Suarez after his celebration?

Chris Adams @ ccadams1: Suarez’s celebration has said a lot about the respect he has for his old team.

RawSteen @ Simply_Jide: Suarez has returned to “hit” the man who used to feed himself. Betrayal!

Daddy [email protected]: Suarez, scary traitor!

Rhiannon @ ItzzHolssx: Suarez’s celebration made me really disappointed.

AKASH @ akashvaday: Suarez is always a poisonous snake. His way of celebrating just shows that.

Sir Lancelot. @ _The7thDay: I am sad to see Suarez celebrate without any hesitation.

Liverpool fans accuse Messi of being good at eating

Everyone felt satisfied when they saw Lionel Messi ‘s super performance against Liverpool, The Kop fans did not think so.

At dawn this morning (May 2), Barcelona crushed Liverpool 3-0 at the Nou Camp in the framework of the Champions League semi-final round of 2018/19. The best player in the match was none other than Messi with a double goal, including a superb free-kick at 30 meters. Barca fans and crowded tombs are satisfied when watching “Superman” Messi playing football, but absolutely no Liverpool fans.

After the match, not many Liverpool fans have criticized Messi for stabbing like Neymar juniors. Specifically, in the 43rd minute of the first half, the Argentine superstar lost the momentum in a dispute with defender Andy Robertson.

James Milner then rushed forward, nudging a shot on Messi, causing the striker to wear the number 10 shirt of Barca. When the land was finished, Messi was still flipping a few rounds, the same scene Neymar played in the 2018 World Cup.

Messi then signaled the request of the referee Bjorn Kuipers to withdraw the card with Milner but the 46-year-old “black king” said no. Messi’s falling action of course caused Liverpool fans to get angry, and they accused him of being good at social media.

An account called Leo wrote: “Messi ‘s scandalous situation is shameful, don’t think he is such a player.” Another account called Rares annoyed: “Do they even say Messi doesn’t eat or not?”. The fan named Ian Young quipped: “Apparently Messi doesn’t eat it. It’s Neymar.”

To be fair, Milner’s ramming was quite strong, plus Messi had previously lost momentum when colliding with Robertson so the falling situation was not too much to discuss. Many articles claimed that it was Milner’s foul that angered Messi, causing Liverpool to suffer two goals in 7 minutes.

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