Barcelona Football Reviews vs Liverpool, 2h00 on 2/5: Sowing for the Camp Nou

Barca are considered by the home to be the most valuable candidate for the Champions League championship this season. However, Liverpool, the runner-up of the tournament, is also in very good shape. With Klopp’s famous gegenpressing, the English team can completely leave the Nou Camp with a positive result.

Over the weekend, Barca won the 26th La Liga championship in history after a 1-0 win over Levante. They crowned early 3 rounds. Flaming with excitement, coach Ernesto Valverde and his team are keen to take advantage of their home advantage to beat Liverpool in the match tonight, thus making their way to the dream of winning the Champions League.

Barca are in good form with a series of 12 unbeaten matches on all fronts, winning 10 matches. In particular, the Catalunya team can also play at home, where they are unbeaten in their last 18 matches, winning 15 wins and 3 draws.

However, Liverpool are not opponents easy to be bullied. They were also in good form with a 10-game winning streak on every line and none of them did not hit the opponent with at least 2 goals, mainly thanks to Mohamed Salah’s trio attacking, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino playing very sublimation. Even the fast, positive kick pressing of The Kop is still considered by the experts as Barca’s etching.

Barca too understand how uncomfortable Liverpool are. No matter how far away, in the 2016 summer friendly match at the International Champions Cup, Barca was knocked out by the coach of Juergen Klopp’s team with 4 goals, in which Sadio Mane was the opener for the Merseyside Reds. That defeat also caused Barca to be knocked out against Liverpool in terms of their head-to-head record, when they won only 2 of 9 times against the English team (losing 4, draw 3).

There is a remarkable statistic about Barca as follows. The Catalunya team has 4 times clashed with English teams in the C1 / Champions League Cup semi-finals. And they only once surpassed Premier League representatives to gain access to the final. Most recently, in the 2011/12 season, the Catalunya team was eliminated by Chelsea in the semifinals after 2 matches with a total score of 3-2.

In La Liga this season, Barca is particularly strong in attacking with the excellence of Lionel Messi. Barca captain almost sure of the title La Liga scorer this season when there are 34 goals in hand. In addition, Messi is leading the list in the Champions League in 2018/19 with 10 goals. However, the Argentine superstar seems to be very bored with Liverpool. In the last 2 times encountering The Kop, Messi played faintly, without goals, and did not create a goal.

Liverpool also has no reason to worry about being a guest of Barca. Their form outside Anfield is very good. In the last five trips, Liverpool won, notably two Bayern Munich and Porto victories in the eighth round and the Champions League quarter-finals this season. Therefore, it will not be surprising if teachers and coach Klopp leave the Nou Camp with a result from draw to win!

Barca are about to surpass Man City

Up to the end of the quarter-finals, Barca are the second ranked team in the Champions League this year in terms of number of defeats. They have 180 attempts to score, 1 times less than City. The number of points hit by Barca’s finish is also second with 67 times, less than Green Man 3 times. With Man City eliminated, Barca is about to become a team that is hard to “bombard” the opponent’s goal, after two series of matches against Liverpool in this semi-final.

Coach Ernesto Valverde (Barca): “Liverpool have a very annoying way, with many players reaching a high level. However, we have a way to overcome them to win the final ticket.”

Coach Juergen Klopp (Liverpool): “Barca are strong, but not impossible. I would like to confirm that we marched to the Nou Camp to win.


– Barca: Away from midfielder Rafinha due to injury.
– Liverpool: The strongest squad.
– According to the Asian contract, Barca won 1, lost 3 in the last 4 games against Liverpool.
– According to the Asian contract, Barca won 9, lost 7 in the last 16 matches and won 3, lost 7 in the last 10 home games.
– According to the Asian Handicap, Liverpool won 6, drew 2 in the last 8 games and won the last 5 away games.


Maximum of 1 goal in the first half
2 recent meetings between two teams with only one goal at most in the first half. Barca’s recent 6/7 matches and 3/4 of Liverpool’s latest matches have a similar situation. Therefore, it is likely that there will be only 1 goal in the first half of this match.


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