As expected! Liverpool fans pleaded with “The Air Monster” to defeat Man City

The Premier League championship race this season is heavily dependent on midfield teams like Wolves or Burnley.

Liverpool needed a favor from Manchester United and they didn’t receive it. That’s because Ole Gunnar Solskja’s team was beaten by Manchester City 2-0 on Wednesday, putting a big hope on the Premier League title this season.

City will win if they win the remaining three games, with Burnley, Leicester City and Brighton & Hove Albion. Of course, Liverpool could not give up hope – because Man City was defeated by Leicester this season, as well as facing the unlikely defeat of Crystal Palace and Newcastle.

Burnley are unbeaten in their last four matches, they have drawn City with a 1-1 draw at Turf Moor last season. And according to the disclosure, Sean Dyche’s manager is actually a Liverpool fanatic.

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Dyche revealed his admiration for Liverpool in the 1970s last month and Red Devils supporters are hoping he can help them on Sunday. “My first recollection was at the age of seven, then about eight or nine years old,” Dyche told Lancs Live.

“You started getting your favorite players, I like King Kenny – when I was a kid, why didn’t he become your favorite player? So is Souness, and Ray Clemence, whom I met. many times … The whole Liverpool is a pretty strong team in the 70s. “

Dyche could not go to Anfield to see Liverpool but he played before The Kop when he was a 15-year-old child. “I did that, they brought our local team there and got 15 minutes each way,” Dyche added.

“I’m a kid in the 70s of the last century, so everyone is a Liverpool fan but I live in Kettering so I can’t wake up there all the time. I’m a faraway Liverpool fan. is so”.

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Dyche can help Liverpool win the Premier League.

As expected, Liverpool needed Dyche and his team like never before. And here are the expectations from fans of the port city of England …

Dan Obrien – “The legend is written on the stars, that Dyche, a Liverpool fan, will help us beat City #LFC”

John McMahon – “Remember that Dyche is a NHM of Liverpool … That (beating City) will happen”

Ronan – “Sean dyche is a Liverpool fan. I am suddenly optimistic again.”

Statistics in Burnley’s Chelsea draw, making people think of this team as “Air Monster”:

According to Whoscored statistics, the visitors had a total of 46 releasing attempts, 27 times to block the ball, to intercept 15 times, to break the ball 20 times … these figures are much higher than Chelsea. However, they pass less than four times the host (683 – 221) and stand out with long balls.

Both Burnley goals actually come from the situations where they ball into the penalty area, the destination is Ashley Barnes – who owns 11 successful aerial battles (the highest on the pitch) and always afflicts David. Luiz when confronting directly.

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