3 things drawn after Man City vs Tottenham: Man City blame, Tottenham is not to despise

Here are 3 things drawn after the dramatic match between Tottenham and Man City at the Champions League quarter-final

1. Man City should blame

Man City and Tottenham have devoted to the match of the match for the matchmaker on April 18. Both teams compete openly and confidently as well as overwhelming attacks in the first minutes. Etihad almost reeled in the rain of goals when only 25 minutes, Manchester City representative and Spurs turn 3 and 2 goals respectively.

Man City should blame himself.

The advantage of home turf and the overwhelming opponent’s kicking style, teachers Pep Guardiola expressed their intention to fight the enemy right after the opening whistle. That’s why they put all their strength into breaking through Tottenham’s net and creating an exciting firefight. Only regretfully, in one day, the great north London man played a sublimation on Son Hueng-Min’s legs, the blue army had to cry.

Tottenham has shown a very good face, bravery on Etihad sanctuary, this is not wrong. Song, Man City should blame themselves for letting the match go beyond the club’s control. The home team crafts have had a bad and continuous working day making them fall into difficulties. At the two goals of the South Korean striker, Laporte himself, the key name where the defense played clumsy and conceded.

Not to mention, the famous middle line of Citizens also did not have a convincing performance. In addition to Kevin de Bruyne, Silva and Gundogan played faded and could not overwhelm the opponent in the middle. As for strikers, scoring 4 goals but the Manchester City strikers really wasted too many opportunities. They launched 20 shots, only 8 times the ball hit the target, while Tottenham, 11 shots and the ball hit the goal 7 times.

Mr. Pep’s teacher acknowledged that playing at home is double-sided, just for the opponent to score 1 goal, they must have 2 goals. And then, one day the team played no better than the opponent, Man City had to pay the price with the title in the European arena.

2. Who dares to scorn Tottenham?

Tottenham, the name no one noticed when struggling to squeeze through the narrow door into the round of 1/8 Champions League. And then, the lucky draw leaves them to the death door again with the confrontation with grandfather Dortmund. No one appreciates Spurs and no one believes they will defeat the Bundesliga representative.

However, Pochettino’s teachers and students proved to the village how strong and brave they were. Up to now, not only has Dortmund fallen, “Rooster” has pushed the top candidate for the C1 championship, Man City eliminated from the tournament. In the morning of April 18, the white army troop played sublimated and won a ticket to the semi-final extremely convincing.

It is true that Tottenham must resort to the away goal law to go on but the way they fight before Man City deserves the praise. Being underestimated, having to play in the visitors’ land, Pochettino teachers and students still confidently took a draw, took the lead and then scored the decisive goal in the situation of being forced to suffocate. Obviously, with such bravery, the North London representative is no longer a deserved name in the next round.

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